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The new brass grave marker for Michael David Peebler, father of all Peebler families everywhere, is now on his grave marker in Fell Cemetery, Libertyville, IA.
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About The Peebler Family

I PLAN TO CLOSE THIS SITE IN APRIL 2020. HOWEVER, ALL OF THE INFORMATION CAN STILL BE ACCESSED AT "FamilySearch" - the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints website for research and family history. The site is FREE, but you do have to sign in. Look for The Peebler Family and/or my name, Ron Johnson. I am closing the page because I am closing in on age 81. After my passing, there will be no one to pay the subscription for this site. I will continue to add and edit the Peebler Family history on FamilySearch on into my remaining future.


My wife and I went to Salt Lake City to the 2019 National Model Railroad Association convention about four weeks ago. Of course, I had an alternative reason! 

After the convention, we spent about three days at the LDS Family History library. Francys helped look for information. We found virtually nothing - or at least nothing except what we already know. 

BUT, I believe I have finally figured out the connection between Frederick and his, and ours of course, ancestry with the help of excellent genealogy researchers at the library.

Much of the information I had for a long time. The key was DNA.

I think you know that Tresa Tatyrek and I did a DNA around seven or eight years ago. Since then, I did a DNA through Ancestry.com. The results of the DNA prove we are related to the Peebler, Peveler, Peavler and Bibler families. I’ve never been in contact with anyone from the Peavler families, but it looks like this name became part of the Peebler or Peveler or other various names with similar spellings. We know, of course, of the DNA relation with the Peveler family via Michael David Peebler’s brother, Peter.

However, I did find information about the Bibler family. In fact,  I had contacted Bibler related people way back in the 1980s, but couldn't figure out any connection. More recently however, I came in contact with Debbie Smith. She is related to the Bibler family. I first “met” her on a Rootsweb forum. Now, she’s a FaceBook friend. 

Debbie’s sister, I believe, had done quite a bit of research, but I’ve never communicated with her. Anyway, Debbie gave me some information which I could research on the Internet.

So here’s the bottom line: 

I am relating this to you via raw data. In other words, I haven’t even put some of this information into my Family Tree yet.

Our Frederick Peebler’s real name is: Johann Friederich Biebler / Bibler. His estimate birth date was 1734 in Germany. His wife was Anna Maria Encuisch. They were married at the St. Michael’s and Zion German Luthern Church in Philadelphia, PA on 4 April 1758. They had (at least) Magdalene Maria, Michael David and Peter. 

Johann Friederich Biebler’s father and mother were Johannes Michel Biebler (unknown vital statistics) and Susanna Mueller. Johannes is buried in a cemetery in Pennsylvania. It can be found on Find a Grave. They had quite a few children including more than one Johann Friederich, but a couple of these children died in childhood. I understand this was quite common to name children the same name of a younger brother or sister. In fact, Johann was very common and there could be several siblings in one family with the name Johann

The Biebler family arrived in Pennsylvania on the St. Andrews in 1751. Our Johann Friederich Biebler was 17. 

I have some other information about the family, but like I said this is the raw stuff and I haven’t gathered it all together.

So, where’s the connection?

Well, there isn’t any direct genealogical connection and may never be. But there is DNA connection. At the LDS Library, we spent a lot of time searching for anything which would connect our Peebler family with the man we know lived in Kentucky at the end of the 1790s and early 1800s. Our proof is the tax records. That is all the direct proof we have for the existence of our g.g.g.g grandfather. There’s some indirect proof: the name, Johann Friederich Biebler, is very similar to the name we know from our g.g. grandfather, David William Peebler. It would seem that Johann Friederich Biebler and his wife, Anna Maria Encuisch named their daughter Magdalen Maria after Anna's middle name. Michael David Peebler seems to have been named in part after his grandfather, Johannes Michel Biebler. 

We also know that Peter died in what is now Bath Co., KY which was part of Montgomery Co., KY and this is in the same county that our ancestor lived and probably died. 

In discussion with the LDS Library research people, we came to the conclusion of what I described above when I asked them this question: Can you think of any other way our Peebler family could be connected to the Bibler family via the DNA connection indicating a connection with Johann Friederich Biebler? Three of the researchers which worked with us said this seems to be the connection with the Peebler family and the Biebler family. They agreed there are no records such as land, probate, church, birth and death, marriage records in existence. We search for dozens of these records. The court house in Montgomery County burned in two different fires. The researchers told my wife and I that our ancestors probably just didn’t make much noise. They were in census records and that’s about it. More than likely they didn’t own land. We learned that immigrants could not purchase land unless they were a natural born citizen. It was fairly easy to become naturalized, but most immigrants didn’t bother because they didn’t need to own land. Many simply built a cabin of some kind on land. Any land any where - or worked for someone who allowed them to live on their land. Land just anywhere in the western state of Kentucky. The states and counties weren’t very well structured and organized, anyway.

Records simply just don’t exist - and if there is a record somewhere it's more than likely would only give us the genealogical proof we already have with the DNA. 

Now it is possible we still have the wrong people, but I showed them other similar names and they all agreed the most likely scenario is that our g.g.g.g.g. grandfather is: Johann Friederich Biebler.

At any rate that is what I am going with unless something else turns up. This would be true with anything that I have in the family tree anyway.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. We also have a name for Johannes Michel Biebler’s father. His name was Thomas. Thomas Biebler. He did not come to America. I think his birth would be in the mid 1600s.

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